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 Ganapathy For Good Beginnings

The Rajaganapathy temple in Salem is in a busy crowded area in the heart of the city. This is a small temple with a single shrine and a small stone mantapam in front with stone pillars.

For most of the residents of Salem, all good things begin here, literally.

When there is a wedding,  the first invitation is kept at the feet of Ganapathy. You can  see  wedding jewels, important documents, new bill books, all being placed near the him  for his blessings and taken home.  Pujas for new vehicles are a common sight.All important journeys and pilgrimages start here. On some evenings you can even see new-born babies brought here on their first outing.

Ganapathy here is quite big and very adorable!!

There is a beautiful carving of Lord Anjaneya on a stone pillar in the mantapam in front of the shrine.


This is a very old temple and it is kept open throughout the day,from 6a.m to 10 p.m.



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