Rajaganapathy, Salem

Ganapathy – the God of Auspicious Beginnings

The Rajaganapathy temple in Salem is located in a busy crowded area in the heart of the city, called first agraharam. This is an ancient part of Salem.The area is also called as Ther-mutti, because the temple chariots (thers) of the two major temples of Salem, the Sugavaneshwara temple and the Azhagirinatha swami temple are lodged here.The temple itself is old, with a single shrine and a small stone mantapam in front with stone pillars.

For the residents of Salem, all good and important events in life begin here.

Lord Rajaganapathy’s blessings are sought on all important occasions by devotees.Wedding invitations, wedding jewels, important documents, new bill books, keys of newly bought cars and bikes are kept at Vinayaga’s feet and prayers are offered. People know that henceforth all business including the business of life will proceed without hindrances and obstacles. Lord Rajaganapathy sees to that. Pujas for new vehicles are a common sight.Important journeys and pilgrimages start here after prayers and breaking the customary coconut outside the temple. On some evenings you can even see new-born babies brought here on their first outing.

The idol of lord Ganapathy is a large,life-size sculpture.This temple is a sub-temple of Sugavaneswarar temple in Salem.

There is a beautiful engraving of Lord Anjaneya on a stone pillar in the mantapam in front of the shrine.


Hanuman, Rajaganapathy temple,Salem


Rajaganapathy temple is kept open throughout the day, from 6 a.m to 10 p.m.

Contact numbers:

Vignesh Gurukkal -mobile nos: 9597339055 , 9788955752

Updated on 17.12.2017




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