Board outside the palace

The Palace in Padmanabhapuram can best be described as a poem in wood.Incidentally, it is the world’s largest palace in wood. The intricate carvings  and woodwork are according to the Thachu Sastra which translates to The Science of Carpentry, which is unique to Kerala.

P Palace

Gleaming Corridors and Polished Floors

Polished floorsin the corridors

Mural paintings
A mural painting in the gallery



PPPalace 9
Milestones in History


PP Palace 4
A temple within the palace complex

The King’s bedroom

Kings bedroom 2

This wooden cot was a gift made by the Dutch to the Maharaja and was made from the wood of 64 different types of medicinal plants and trees.

Medicinal bed

Intricate woodwork
Intricate carvings on the ceiling

The Queen’s dressing room

PP Palace 15

Ambari mugapu fromwhere the King could viewchariot races during festivals
Ambari mugapu from where the King could view chariot races during festivals
View from the balcony
View from the balcony
A wooden staircase
Polished wood staircase

P palace .

Navarathri Mandapam

King Marthanda Varma built the Navarathri Mandapam in 1744 A.D. Built of a solid rock, the building is 66 feet long and 27 feet wide.Famed for the unparalleled architecture and exquisite carvings , the building speaks of the rich cultural and artistic tradition of Kerala. It was here that various cultural programmes were conducted during the Navarathri festival. The dance floor was polished to mirror like perfection so much so that it is known as Kannadi thara or Mirror Floor.

A word about the flooring in this and many other parts of the palace: It was laid using a unique combination of egg-whites, Jaggery. lime, burnt Coco-nut shells, charcoal and river sand and polished until it shone like a mirror.

Kannadi Thara or Mirror Floor in the Navarathri Mandapam

Indra Vilasam

This building was constructed for accommodation of visiting foreign tourists and dignitaries.

Indra Vilasam
Indra Vilasam

About the Palace Museum in my next post!


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