Nature’s Gold Chandeliers!

2nd May, 2016


Perhaps there is nothing quite as beautiful as a Konrai tree in full bloom. In the hills of Yercaud, the Jacaranda trees have shed most of their purple blooms and stand mute witness to the blatant show put on by the Konrai trees.

Aptly called the Golden Shower Tree, the Konrai or Indian Labernum is in full bloom on the hill road to Yercaud


Ancient Tamil literature celebrates these spectacular blossoms as flowers that are dear to Lord Siva. The timeless hymns speak of Siva as wearing a garland of these golden blooms in his Jada- mudi (Tamil for flowing matted locks).

The Tamil poetess Avvaiyar who lived in the Sangam period – 1st and 2nd century CE, named one of her brilliant poetical compositions as Konrai Vèndhan. To this day it is recited by children in the primary schools of Tamil Nadu.DSC01655







4 thoughts on “SUMMER GOLD”

    1. Sounds like you’re hooked on Yercaud too! Yercaud has a pleasant climate round the year. It is the play of nature in these hills that keeps changing with the seasons. Right now the konrai are flowering their hearts out.The coffee bushes in the plantations are full of buds, waiting for some cue to bloom together. Mother Nature is fascinating, isn’t she?
      Thank you for reading the posts.


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