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I’m Sheela and I live in Salem in Tamil Nadu, India. Dreamtemples is my site on temples and travel in Tamil Nadu.

About Tamil Nadu Temples

In Tamil Nadu,there are different kinds of  temples.There are temples dedicated to the many deities of the Hindu pantheon that are rich in sculptures,with impressive architecture and history. 

Besides, there are also temples for guardian deities of a village or a town.Travelling across Tamilnadu one might see brightly colored giant Muniappan or Ayyanar idols out in the open countryside! They are usually seen just outside a village and are believed to guard the village at night. Mariamman ,Ellai pidari and other goddesses guard and protect villages from disease and a host of afflictions that make life so hard. Temples to these deities are seen in all towns and villages.

The rich culture of Tamil Nadu is tied up with the countless temples found here.

Visiting temples can be a very pleasant experience.A visitor can expect to see a dance recital, or a Thevaram or Divyaprapandam hymn recital, or a procession of the temple deities to the accompaniment of traditional vadhyams or musical instruments during special occasions.

Even small temples and way-side shrines  have a compelling charm.Temples are a way of life. 

Travel in Tamil Nadu is not complete without visiting some of its amazing temples! 

This site is about  the temples that I visit – both well-known  and little known and also about holiday destinations in and around Tamil Nadu as I visit them!  I have also written about  local festivals, temple rituals and  history. I hope you will enjoy reading about them!

When you visit temples you can ask the priests to tell you about the temples..they will usually tell you the temples’ history and any other important details. The role of the priests is something admirable.While many are old, and most work on a meager income amid a paucity of funds, the temples they serve with such faith and love are clean, sparkling places of worship. 

I hope you find my posts are useful when you plan your travel in Tamil Nadu.

If you enjoyed reading the posts please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I would love to hear from you.

You can also contact me at sheela.dreamtemples@gmail.com

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15 thoughts on “About DreamTemples”

  1. Since my contact and subsequent initiation by Swami Pranavananda in the Kolli Hills I have delved more deeply into Tamil traditions and the spiritual heritage. In spring 2016 I spent 10 days in and around Tiruvannamalai and found so many amazing people and places.. Next time who knows where Lord Shiva will direct me, but finding sites such as yours shows me some of the many possibilities. An excellent site – Swami Shantananda Brahmendra Avadhuta, UK


    1. Thank you for reading Swamiji. The age old traditions of Tamil Nadu are very rich and fascinating as is the fact that even today they are faithfully observed with very little changes.
      Lord Siva will definitely guide you on your path.


  2. I loved your blogs, and I completely agree with you about Temples of Tamil Nadu. Have you been to Vaduvur Kothandraman temple, in Manargudi District? If not, I wish you visit the temple , it is a small temple, not very old, but there is something peaceful about the temple.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for checking out my blog. I’m so glad I found your blog which is very nice,very honest. I will definitely visit Vaduvur Kothandaraman temple when I have opportunity to do so. Thank you for telling me about this temple.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. There are very few blogs detailing temples. I also blog about temples,though only the ones falling certain parameter. It is essential that these temples must be very old and must have some unique element to attract a person – history, architecture, legacy, following etc.
    It’s great to stumble upon your blog….keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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